Our Philosophy


At Just Four Kids we believe that through fun play and a genuine bond with an Educator, along with support from our Director and visiting Teachers, we have the recipe to GROW SUPERKIDS.

Relationships and partnerships based on trust, respect and open communication are central to our philosophy. Kanohi ki te kanohi (face to face conversation) is something we value immensely.

Once these genuine relationships are established Just Four Kids becomes a secure authentic environment for our tamariki, whānau, educators and teachers. This environment supports children to feel truly at home with the peace of mind to explore, investigate and make discoveries in their environment and supports their ability to become learners and leaders.

Just Four Kids actively supports parents, educators and teachers to have ongoing input into our delivery of Te Whāriki. We believe everyone in our learning community has a wealth of knowledge which we encourage to share.

We promote an excitement for learning by noticing, recognising and responding to a child’s individual interests. We work to extend their learning opportunities by offering stimulating activities that support their individual interests. Play is an essential means for learning and development that we support and celebrate. Our programme is influenced by inquiry based learning, art as a language as well as nature based education. The value of respect sees that our children and whanau are heard and time to learn is unhurried.

We pride ourselves in the concept of ngā hononga(relationships) creating a warm, comfortable environment for everyone. We value the importance of quality early childhood education and care in small mixed age groups within the home environment.

Suzy McNatty
Director – Just Four Kids Ltd