Marlena – Windsor

Marlena is an exceptional Educator who is very experienced with many years of home based childcare and uses her calm approach to establish the rapport with the whānau. Many of Marlena’s whānau choose to return to her and appreciate the responsive and reciprocal relationships she maintains with the whānau and continues this relationship after they have moved onto school.
Marlena has wonderful organisational skills that she puts to good use to document and keep on top of the required paperwork. Marlena is always looking on educational websites to avoid getting stale and stagnant with any recent developments in the early childhood sector. This generates creative ideas for furthering the education and individual goals of each tamariki.
Marlena embraces Haerenga/outside activities and views them as learning experiences that enhance her programme. Going on visits into the local community supports learning across all the strands of Te Whāriki, in particular, the contribution strand supports Tamariki learning with other Tamariki. Belonging and well-being strands encourage tamariki to develop comfort with a moderate degree of change. Marlena uses these outing to tautoko (support) the children’s strengths and individual goals. An example was a Tane Marlena had who needed to build on his upper strength and Marlena would utilise the mainly music session with the parachute and the gym to encourage holding his own body weight in a way that interested him such as the rope swing and hanging over the sponge pit. The success of his continued development was because of the wonderful continuity that Marlena provides to always find ways to work on an individual goal and to document this progress.
Marlena is proactive in creating new resources to support the children’s learning and individual goals, such as the light box and utilises her own laminator to preserve her mahi (work). Marlena has a rich array of resources from dress-ups, educational busy bags, puzzles art supplies and much more. Marlena uses the local library as an outing to tautoko (support) the tamariki current interest collecting pukapuka (books) on their subject matter.
Marlena readily takes on advice and guidance after discussion during one of our home visits, it was suggested the idea of creating a carpentry table to enhance fine motor skills and gross motor skills in her tamariki. This is a project that she has begun to undertake, providing updates to me during my home visits stating her progress and involves the Tamariki in the decision- making for many things such as resources and outings into the community. Marlena is building confident, competent independent tamariki who have the social competencies to be ready for a smooth transition to school.
Marlena has an uncanny ability to get the bottom of her Tamariki learning and reaching their goals and her documentation of their learning journey is fantastic. Her photo’s, story and the Tamariki voice are all visible and you gain a very good perspective of where they are at and where they are heading to next. Marlena shares her understanding of child development and of the child, their learning progression is often revisited as a demonstration and evidence of milestones and individual goals being met.