Heather – Te Anau

Heather has great competency in her communication with whanau, children, her Visiting Teacher. She has open conversation with her parents and works alongside them on their aspirations for their children.

When meeting a new parent Heather will ask what their expectations are and what they wanting for their children. This is great practice to ensure the transition runs smoothly and everyone is on-board with their expectations of each other. Heather has a private Facebook page for parents. You can choose to be included if you wish. Heather uploads photos each day. If Heather has a new child settling in she will ensure she sends photos and message updates to the parents. This is to ensure the parents know their children are comfortable, safe and having fun. If a child is struggling to settle Heather will go above and beyond to ensure she meets all the child’s needs and ensures parents are leaving for the day feeling at ease.
Heather is a fantastic caring teacher who has great communication skills with parents, children, other educators and the wider community.

Heather has a current first aid certificate, clear police vetting in her household, meets or exceeds all licensing regulations and is currently studying her Childcare Certificate Level 4. Take a look at our training and professional development pages to see what other training she may have been to recently.

Heather’s roll is currently full. Inquire for up-coming space availability.