Fiona – Waverley

Fiona is very attentive to all her children in care with her as she will be quick to attend to their needs and to support them. She is patient, imaginative, and diplomatic.

Fiona has positive, strong, reciprocal and professional relationships with her parents and families. Fiona will often go above and beyond for them and she also has an open house policy, where parents feel comfortable to phone and come around when they need to, to have a chat.

Outdoor environment is exceptional, with some great spaces to explore and plenty of great varying degrees of challenging equipment to support the children’s learning and development. Fiona also has an amazing play hut set-up outside that she has recently redecorated which has a wide range of resources, from a family play area with dolls a mud kitchen, blocks and a huge chalk board across a main wall too.

Fiona is very hands-on and enjoys getting involved and in the middle of play, she is also imaginative and playful personality when she is working with the children.

Fiona has great time management and she organises her own schedules accordingly.

Fiona will often involve her parents in what she is doing and she strives to meet the goals and aspirations of parents. Fiona also attends many family events that are offered at Just Four Kids and she will attend with her families.

Fiona has a current first aid certificate, clear police vetting for her home, she meets all our licensing regulations and regularly attends our ongoing training and professional development.