Debs – Tuatapere and surrounds

Deborah is very well organised and manages her time effectively and efficiently and has her paperwork all filled in ready for any home visits. Deborah has a play centre training background, so she is able to add the child’s voice into her Learning stories and also fills in children’s progress reports with dates on when they were achieved.
Deborah is a planner and creates a weekly plan of outings and activities that fill in her week and keep the children busy. There are outings into nature with the local parks and reserves, which are regular occurrences and the weekly playgroup.
Deborah uses Art as a language and has a large selection of resources for the children to work with and often uses tools such as glue guns with individual supervision. She is very focussed on learning and getting children to the next step and challenging them to resolve conflict by looking for a solution.
Living in a rural location has not detracted from the high quality education and care that the children receive, with trips to her mothers to feed the piglets, outings to chipmunks and other events such as invitations to a cafe in Invercargill.
Celebrations- Deborah has a great rapport with the children and celebrates birthdays and other special events, making them feel special. She works in with parents collaboratively with school visits and holds a graduation party. The graduation ceremony Deborah has sewn a black gown and for the child turning five they get to wear the gown and have their photo taken, then it is a big celebration with all their playgroup friends and have a shared lunch to mark the occasion of heading off to school. Deborah allows other educators in Tuataphere to use the gown for their children who turn five, so it is treated with reverence.