Professional Development 2017

2017 list of Professional Development offered.

First Aid training – ongoing
Core Education Mathematics programme
Nathan Wallis – Engaging, guiding and supporting our children to adulthood
Jerome Kavanagh – Waka Maori
Nathan Wallis – Birth to adolescent brain and decision making seminar
Anita Holmwood – Care as Curriculum: how to make it visible for infants and toddlers
Speech and language professional development
Sharon Holt – Te Reo singalong – Te Reo pronunciation workshop
Nathan Wallis 0-3 years brain development
Nathan Wallis 3-7 years brain development
Mike Richards – Storytelling
Polyfest 2017
Te Whariki – the Curriculum – Ministry of Education – ongoing
SELO strengthening early learning opportunities and pathways to school
John Shackleton – Mindfulness and stress – how to cope in todays manic environment
Kimberley Crisp – This is urgent
Behaviour management and positive guidance – Michelle Shaw, VT at Just Four Kids