Jodi – Strathern

Jodie is a very ‘hands-on’ and attentive to the immediate needs of her tamariki. Jodie takes the children regularly on outings to the local library, mainly music, the drop in gym, and local parks. Jodie uses these outings to tautoko (support) the children’s strengths and individual goals.
Jodie is very focused on learning and takes great pride in the children and their individual achievements. Jodie enjoys the strong relationships that she has with her whānau and is deeply involved with each family and helping them meet both the aspirations of the parents and individual goals of the child.
Jodie is very thoughtful in the set-up of her environment both inside and out. She uses the environment with wood, water and stones tyre’s and planks to create wonderful open-ended resources where the tamariki are limited only by their mind.

Jodie is an experienced Educator. She has first aid experience, clear police vetting and a full drivers license.

Jodie has one full time space available from 15th November 2020