Jodi – Strathern

Jodie is a very ‘hands-on’ and attentive to the immediate needs of her tamariki. Jodie has a well set-up environment where she organises their personal belongings and they use the cubby hole with a door, each child on arrival must identify their name and photo and put that on the Velcro spot, where they then add in their lunch boxes, changes of clothing and nappies. I am impressed with this latest change as it allows and promotes more independence in the Tamariki and gives them a solid sense of belonging.
Jodie is a planner and organises a weekly plan of outing and events usually in the morning that keep the tamariki challenged and stimulated. This also works around the children’s sleep patterns. Jodie also takes the children regularly on outings to the local library, mainly music, the drop in gym, and our whānau Friday. Jodie uses these outings to tautoko (support) the children’s strengths and individual goals.
Jodie is outstanding at supervising her tamariki and if she needs to do a nappy change she will tell others who can monitor her remaining children until her return. From my observations Jodie is very attentive to the non-verbal cues from the children under her education and care. Jodie will position herself to allow ease of scanning and will move around to be in the best position to observe and support them.
Jodie has wonderful daily routines and will encourages the tamariki to stick to the firm rules and boundaries and the tamariki respond well to these instructions. Jodie follows Tikanga Maori by not allowing tamariki to sit on the tepu (tables). Jodie is very focussed on learning and takes great pride in the children and their individual achievements. Jodie enjoys the strong relationships that she has with her whānau and is deeply involved with each family and helping them meet both the aspirations of the parents and individual goals of the child.
Jodie is very thoughtful in the set-up of her environment both inside and out. Jodie expressed that ideally she would like more space but has 2x rabbits, and uses the environment with wood, water and stones tyres and planks to create wonderful open-ended resources where the tamariki are limited only by their mind. Jodie also has a mat-time and will use information and strategies from a recent workshop to increase their attention to the programme.
Jodie is proactive in creating new resources to support the tamariki learning and will often provide the office with items to be laminated to preserve her mahi (work). Jodie is always on-line looking up ideas in the curriculum areas of Art and Crafts, and anything else that will help in the tamariki continual growth and development.