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Children learn in an environment where they are provided with an atmosphere promoting a healthy, sound, emotional, physical and intellectual development.

Just four Kids believe that home based childcare offers a sensible alternative for parents/whānau for care and education of their young children other than with other services.

With a maximum ratio of one adult to four children there are benefits to the child such as forming a psychological attachment to their educator who, is able to respond to a child’s needs allowing the building of bonds through closeness and trust.

Learning in a small group, having the comforts of a safe and healthy home as well as being able to participate in activities similar to those in their own homes means that.normal routines such as sleeping, eating, toileting and so on do not need to be as formal as in other services and can continue the same regimes as their home environment.

The support of a fully registered Early Childhood Teacher ensures that the educational aspects of each child’s development is supported and that the educator is also fully supported in development and planning of the next steps in each child’s learning.

We use private online StoryPark profiles to record images, video, artwork and special events. Your child has their own online profile where you have 24 hour access to login and view. You are able to invite family and friends from all over the world to view this profile. Along with this your child will have their own Profile Book which is a celebration of who they are – sense of self, and all their accomplishments with photos, pictures and stories. This profile book becomes a very special part of your child’s journey within their early childhood experiences in which we encourage the sharing of stories and your perspective.

Parents/whānau aspirations and desires for their children are easily determined through consistent and regular contact with the educator, visiting teacher and service director these aspirations can then be included in your child’s personal development program.

Just four Kids Ltd wants parent/whānau to be involved in the service. We know as busy parents/whānau that you may not have extra time to spend while your child is in care however we maintain an open door policy which enables you to drop in to interact with your child during the day for play, breast feeding and so on. We hope that through our regular phone calls, emails, text messages and outings to be able to keep you up to date with what is happening in the service and with your child.

The standard hourly fee is $6 per hour. These are paid weekly as per our Fees Policy. Optional Fees may apply but will only be charged if the parent has agreed to them.

Each year a copy of our Audited Financial Statement will be available for parents/whānau for review. This will show the amount and details of the expenditure of any ministry of education funding.

This statement will be available by contacting the Director, Suzanne McNatty, on 03217 3970. Suzanne is also our Complaints Officer.

Our complaints policy is available for your information.

Just four Kids is governed by the Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008 and follows Te Whāriki, the Early Childhood Curriculum.

Just four Kids…